CSR strategy

Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) gained wider currency in Poland, we had already brought its guiding principles into our daily business. Although MPS International started following them upon its foundation in Poland in the 1990s, the program wasn’t officially formalized until 2013.

In our efforts to create and strengthen our external and internal relations, we follow a Code of Ethics.

With regard to our external stakeholders, this Code of Ethics includes:

  • a fair competition act to stress the importance of free and fair competition based on mutual respect;
  • a corruption prevention act to express our strong condemnation for bribery, corruption, embezzlement, fraud, unfair and unethical business practices, corrupt behavior and workplace abuse;
  • principles for establishing relations with external entities to build relations based on mutual respect and trust; 
  • principles of good customer service to ensure compliance with internal procedures and to provide our customers with informed, reliable, and responsible guidance on the terms of collaboration at every stage;    
  • principles for supplier partnerships to observe all necessary norms and procedures in the selection of suppliers, to provide reliable information, to exercise due diligence when closing a deal, and to make fair assessments of our suppliers; 
  • principles of local community relations to promote respect for human dignity and tolerance for all local community members; 
  • an act of conformity to ISO 14001 to emphasize the need to curtail the negative impact of our business activity on the environment.  

With regard to our internal stakeholders, this Code of Ethics includes:

  • an equal employment, promotion, training, and development act which ensures the equal treatment of all job applicants, helps to build team rapport, and clarifies the employees’ rights and the role of management;               
  • a guarantee of the health and safety of employees as a means of enhancing their and other collaborators’ well-being, improving their working conditions through regular inspections, ensuring the strict observance of occupational health and safety regulations, raising employees’ awareness of health issues, providing personal protective equipment, and eliminating potential hazards in the workplace;          
  • principles of effective communication in the workplace as a way to keep all employees up-to-date with the company’s current affairs and to create a platform for eliciting opinions and suggestions and for improving the communication skills of our managerial staff;     
  • the obligation to appoint an ethics officer as a form of social control and a guarantee that the company adheres to its Professional Code of Ethics and its ethical standards regarding HR management, protects the anonymity and privacy of whistleblowers, and investigates the reported cases of abuse and infringement in line with internal procedures.   

Our CSR strategy

  • Maintenance and constant improvement of the Integrated Management System in line with ISO 9001-14001 and ISO 13485 as well as IFS HPC, GMP, SMETA, Ecocert/Cosmos, RSPO standards
  • Charity work
  • Internal and external communication
  • Importance of shaping suppliers’ ethics
  • Health promotion
  • Focus on environmental protection
  • Development of education, culture, and art
  • Employee development
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Importance of shaping employees’ ethics 


Caring for the future of future generations through sustainable company growth that minimizes negative environmental impact.


Improving the competencies of employees, taking into account their ambitions and potential, with respect for human rights and attention to occupational safety.


Shaping ethical attitudes among our business and community partners.

CSR excellence awards

1st prize in the West Pomerania Entrepreneur of the Year contest (category: Corporate Social Responsibility), organized by the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin

Person of the Year 2021 for Wanda Stypułkowska, awarded by the local daily newspaper ‘Głos Koszaliński’ in recognition of our charity work

Grand Prize in the ‘Equal Company 2021’ program, awarded by the Business Innovation Networking Foundation affiliated with the University of Szczecin

Patron of Culture for Wanda Stypułkowska, awarded by the Mayor of Koszalin in recognition of Ms Stypułkowska’s work aimed at creating, promoting and protecting cultural heritage


Manager of the Year for Wanda Stypułkowska, awarded as part of the Pomerania Employer of the Year contest

1st prize in the Pomerania Employer of the Year 2020 contest, category: Corporate Social Responsibility

Honourable mention in the ‘Equal Company 2020’ program for our CSR actions


‘Made in Koszalin 2019’ Award (category: Lifestyle and Inspirations) for our initiative to build an apiary

1st prize in the Pomerania Employer of the Year 2019 contest (category: CSR)


‘Koszalin Eagle’ Award 2017 (category: Economy)

Honourable mention in the Pomerania Employer of the Year 2017 (category: CSR)

Honourable mention in the Pomerania Employer of the Year 2017 (category: Large enterprises)


‘Made in Koszalin 2016’ Award (category: Business) for selling products that are recognized at home and abroad

‘Made in Koszalin 2016’ Honourable Mention (category: Business) for running a company that has successfully operated for more than 5 years


CSR Certificate, 2015

‘Polymer Prosperity 2015’ Award for best plastic manufacturers

Certificate of the Polish Association of Emergency Medicine and SYMULMED (in accordance with European Resuscitation Council 2010 guidelines)


‘Ethical Company’ Award, 2014

West Pomerania Leader of Ecology Award, 2014


‘Koszalin Denar’ Award, 2013 (category: Large enterprises)


‘Transparent Company’ Award, 2008


Honourable mention in the ‘Wehikuły Czasu’ ranking list, 2007


‘Polish Ecology Panteon’ Award, 2004