Production of cosmetics

In addition to observing the strict standards of IFS HPC, which ensure product safety throughout its life cycle, we have been developing a line of vegan cosmetics as well as lines of cosmetics that meet the requirements of Ecocert, Cosmos, Asthma Allergy, and Nordic Swan. Our offer also includes natural cosmetics that contain more than 95% of natural ingredients.

We have experience in designing and launching medical products. It is always the customer who decides about the scope of our services.

We own packaging lines for alcohol-based products. 

From design to delivery, we can walk you through all stages of the production process:

  • we develop formulas tailored to individual needs and in line with latest market trends
  • we test-market a new product before launching it
  • we take advantage of our own technological, microbiological, and physiochemical labs
  • we prepare full product documentation in line with the existing regulations
  • we make suggestions about packaging within the scope of our production possibilities
  • we provide a wide selection of production materials
  • we decorate and screen print labels on bottles

Confection options

We offer containers with a minimum volume of 10 ml:

  • plastic bottles
  • glass bottles
  • plastic jars
  • glass jars
  • plastic tubes (max. diameter: 60 mm)
  • aluminium tubes
  • roll-ons
  • airlesses

We own packaging lines for alcohol-based products. 

Cosmetic formulations

Types of technological solutions:

  • hot and cold emulsification (oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions)
  • production of oil (waterless) formulas
  • detergent manufacturing
  • production of alcohol-based items

Types of cosmetics we offer

  • Body products:

soaps, shower gels, foaming hand soaps
shower liquids and bath oils
lotions, creams, body butters
peelings and body scrubs
antiperspirants (roll-on, deo-stick, cream deodorant)

  • Face products:

face creams, eye creams
peeling masks
traditional and enzymatic peelings
cleansing milk
micellar cleansing waters
cleansing tonics
cleansing foam
shaving cream and after shave for men
beard liquid cleanser and beard oils for men

  • Hair products:

leave-in, rinse-out, and spray conditioners
hair masks
hair mist  
hair styling products
hair oils

  • dermo-cosmetics / pharmacy cosmetics
  • perfumes and eau de toilette / cologne, fragrance mists
  • products with an alcohol content above 20%
  • medical products
  • warm-up and cooling gels
  • alcohol-based and alcohol-free antiseptic gels and antibacterial soaps
  • sunscreens and other sun protection products
  • self-tanners
  • skincare products for babies
  • products for sensitive and atopic skin types
  • intimate hygiene products
  • mouthwashes and toothpastes
  • foot care products
  • lubricants and other play & fun products