Our specialty lies in the production of bottles made from so-called virgin plastic (HDPE, PP and PET) and from recycled raw materials in the amount ranging from 10 to 100% (r-PET, r-HDPE). We also make use of materials derived from renewable sources (so-called bio-PET and bio-HDPE) as a means of reducing CO2 emissions. Since 2021, we have investigated the possibility of launching mass production of packaging made from sea- and ocean-bound plastics. 

We offer two types of bottle packaging designs:

  • standard offer
  • customized offer

Technological solutions

  • one-, two- and three-dimensional blow molding (EBM), the latter allowing for the production of bottles that are in large part (up to 60%) made from recycled materials (PCR)
  • injection stretch blow molding (ISBM)

At the customer’s request, we offer a comprehensive service that includes:

  • preliminary data collection
  • 2D design
  • 3D design
  • model selection
  • form selection
  • launching a product trial
  • order finalization.

Bottle decorations

We specialize in screen printed (UV) labels on round, oval, elliptical, spherical, and other uniquely shaped bottles. With many years of documented practice and experience, we pride ourselves on being able to complete the most challenging projects that others may deem unfeasible. It is always the customer who decides about the scope of our services. Below you will find a catalogue of bottles from our standard offer. 

Below is a catalog of bottles from the standard offer.

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