We manufacture cleaning products for professional maintenance of various floor surfaces in office buildings, catering facilities, hotels, industrial buildings, and service sector facilities. 

Our standard offer includes two sets of products: FP and PRO-line. The former encompasses all-purpose items that are typically used in surface cleaning and maintenance, whereas the latter encompasses a selection of specialized products used for specific purposes. 

All of our cleaning products are concentrates that, with the adequate dilution rate, can successfully deal with varying degrees of soiling and, as such, make the cleaning process particularly satisfying and effective. They meet all formal and legal requirements with regard to used ingredients and

Liquid and foaming soaps

We offer a wide selection of liquid and foaming soaps sold under our own brand – Solution by MPS. This includes not only soaps with washing and nourishing properties, but also special purpose soaps (for body and haircare, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and anti-odour). The latter in particular are suitable for use in hospitals, nursing and care facilities as well as heavy industry plants (e.g. mines). We also recommend their wider application in kindergartens, schools, offices and other public places. In addition to being good value for money, our wide selection of soaps will certainly meet the diverse demands of our customers.    

Hygiene and safety

Our brand, Antiseptus, is a constant work in progress. Its main purpose is to ensure the hygienic safety of its users. Our regular offer includes hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants. Products sold under this brand have been tested for their bactericidal and virucidal efficacy.

Hand creams

Knowing how important it is to prevent your hands from drying out, we have developed moisturizing and regenerating hand creams. Sold under the brand of Solution by MPS, they will certainly meet the needs of the most demanding customers. 

Air fresheners

If you are looking for the best way to banish indoor odors, try out our Frestti brand. It only takes a moment for our fresheners to fill every interior with an unforgettable aroma. Frestti creates a cozy atmosphere that will make everyone around feel special. Our air fresheners come in two varieties: White Rose & Jasmine & Bamboo and Green Tea & Lemon.

Private label

As part of our Private Label offer, we help our customers design and manufacture products in line with their preferences. These customized products can be delivered in less standard packaging, for example, in 20-litre containers, liner dispensers, tubes, and pump bottles. Get in touch with our team of specialists for more information.  

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