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From product concept to manufacturing, we offer comprehensive services while catering to customer expectations. Our experienced and growth-minded team of specialists is a guarantee that we apply the state-of-the-art in market trends, used materials, and technological and organizational solutions.

With effective strategies in place and many years of experience in supply chain management, we work to minimize the risk of chain supply disruptions. We also ensure this through long-term planning and regular analysis and anticipation of our customers’ needs.   

The numerous certificates we have obtained over the years, as well as the trust we have built with partners from Poland, Scandinavia, the UK, and the Benelux countries, testify to our highest service standards.

produkcja kosmetyków na Stronę główną


Our private label products are tailored to our customers’ individual needs and preferences. Equipped with long-term experience and expert knowledge in the field of cosmetics, we are devoted to keeping up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

We also ensure that our products comply with EU legislation and the legal requirements of other markets, depending on customer expectations.


We specialize in manufacturing plastic bottles. Our offer includes a wide selection of bottles in different shapes and of different capacity that can be used in various market segments, such as the cosmetic, medical, chemical, food, car, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

We also sell a range of standard-size bottles and design packaging in line with individual requests. 


Cleaning products

The secret to our high quality products lies in our long tested and tried formulas.

Our team of specialists adapts them to different types of usable floor surface and develops them in accordance with the required product properties.

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