Project Description

FP-1 universal washing and cleaning liquid for surfaces

Very effective, alkaline agent suitable for cleaning and maintaining surfaces. Easily eliminates grease and dirt. Glycerine extract in the liquid provides hand care. Liquid makes surfaces distinctly shiny and leaves the fresh smell with a scent of lemon.

High foam cleaner

pH (undiluted) approx. 12.0
Product has a PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) certificate.

All alkaliproof surfaces in cleaning area. Laminated, painted and wooden surfaces as well as tiles,terracotta and marble.

Ways of using:
Washed by hand and machine washed – high pressure.
Shake well before using.

– Use with cold or lukewarm water.
– To achieve a shiny effect it is necessary to wipe dry the washed area.
– 10 ml concentrate for 10l of water (scale 1:1000), pH. approx. 8
– 100 ml of concentrate to 10 liters of water (scale 1:100), pH. approx. 9 with heavily soiled surfaces

– Use undiluted cleaner with heavy soiled surfaces (rinse washed surface with water)

Single package: 1l, 5l