Despite the pandemic, restrictions in moving across the border and organizational difficulties, it was once again possible to support the Polish elementary school in Pikieliszki in Lithuania. MPS International donated cosmetics and cleaning products. But there were many more gifts!

Transports with gifts for Poles living in Pikieliszki near Vilnius were started around 15 years ago by employees of the Central Border Guard Training Center in Koszalin.

‘8 years ago I was involved by one of my colleagues, an employee of the Border Guard’, recalls Zenon Lenkiewicz, president of the Koszalin branch of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, who today is one of the organizers of the campaign. ‘After the change of the authorities of the Center, the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers took over the collection to continue the Christmas support for the Polish community. And so, for 6-7 years, together with colleagues from this organization, we have been preparing the entire campaign’.

Sweets, toys and anything else that can please the youngest go to Pikieliszki. They are also gifts for parents – they are practical and include primarily food. The school itself also receives support. For several years, MPS International has been involved in helping Poles in Lithuania.

‘I am glad that we can support children, their parents and the school, that makes sure that people with Polish roots learn their language, tradition and history so that they do not lose their identity’, says Wanda Stypułkowska, president of MPS International. ‘Each year, we provide cosmetics and cleaning products to relieve the budget of the school.

The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers does not help only to support during the Christmas. Every year, summer camps are organized in Sarbinowo for about 20 children from the Polish elementary school in Pikieliszki. This help is also thanks to the support of sponsors.

Help from Koszalin goes also to another town near Vilnius – Rudomino. Two Polish vocal and dance groups operate there, cultivating our tradition and culture.