On Wednesday, November 4, the fourth edition of the Northern Chamber of Commerce competition Employer of the Year was adjudicated. Wanda Stypułkowska, president of MPS International, won in the Manager of the Year 2020 category, and the company under her management won in the category of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility – a locally active company and caring for the environment in which it operates’.
‘Congratulations to Mrs. Wanda Stypułkowska. This person does not need to be presented’ – said Piotr Jedliński, the President of Koszalin. ‘The president supported, among others Koszalin schools and kids, donating disinfectants. She is also with us in case of any needs. Moreover, MPS International is the only workplace in Koszalin, which runs its own art gallery. There are really a lot of non-production activities.

Wanda Stypułkowska has been worked with the cosmetics industry and at the same time with MPS International since 1993. In 2006, she became the president of the Management Board of MPS International. In 2014, with the participation of the Private Equity AVALLON Fund, she carried out the MBO transaction to purchase 100% of shares in the company from the current owners. The company is constantly developing, increasing the employment each year (today it is about 350 people) and gaining new markets. The quality of service and maintaining the highest safety standards in the production process are appreciated by the owners of cosmetic brands from Poland and Europe, including from Sweden, United Kingdom, Benelux and Germany.

Wanda Stypułkowska was the chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry, and since 2017 she has been the president of this organization. In 2019, she has been a member of the Main Council of the Lewiatan Confederation, where she is one of the two representatives of the Polish cosmetics industry.

‘We awarded the title of the Manager of the Year for the second time’ – explains Roman Biłas, president of the Koszalin branch of the Northern Chamber of Commerce. ‘The award was granted by the Council of the Northern Chamber of Commerce – unanimously! Needless to say, Mrs. Wanda Stypułkowska supports many initiatives in our city, she also supports artists’.

Moreover, the jury awarded MPS International the main prize in the category of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility – a locally active company and showing care for the environment in which it operates’. This is the second such award in a row.

‘I would like to thank the Council of the Northern Chamber of Commerce for the award in the Manager of the Year category. It is a particularly important distinction for me, because it is the members of the Council who decide on their own, without accepting any applications beforehand’, says Wanda Stypułkowska. ‘I am very pleased that for the second year in a row MPS is also a leader in the area of ​​corporate social responsibility. Paradoxically, the pandemic helped us to prove ourselves, but without it we do a lot for the local community or the natural environment. It is worth mentioning our ecological investments or our own apiary. Congratulations to the companies distinguished in our category: MiMed and Meden-Inmed as well as the winners and distinguished in the other categories’.