The President of MPS International, Wanda Stypułkowska, received the title of Patron of Culture 2020 from the President of Koszalin, Piotr Jedliński. The distinction was awarded as part of the President’s Award for achievements in the field of artistic creativity, promotion and protection of culture.

The president published a list of laureates who had been previously assessed by the chapter. Its members were: representatives of the City Council, the Culture Council and the City Hall. 40 applications were examined and 22 prizes were awarded.

‘I am very happy with this award!’, says Wanda Stypułkowska. ‘Although I am not an art specialist, I have always liked dealing with nice objects and good music. That is why I use opportunities to promote artists and their work’.

Wanda Stypułkowska created in 2016 at MPS International the MPS Gallery – open to artistically talented employees, local creators and artists known in Poland. So far, 18 vernissages have taken place there, during which were presented: painting, sculpture, photography and graphics. There is also a plan to vernissage of satirical comics.

‘We also give our employees the opportunity to show their talents. Our latest initiative is to create an exhibition of photos at the technology laboratory, presenting the raw materials used in the production of cosmetics, seen under the microscope. The author of the works is one of our technologists’ – adds Ms. Stypułkowska.

Privately, Wanda Stypułkowska is also an art lover and collector. She has paintings in her home, among others Krzysztof Rećko Rapsa, Witold Michoń, Romuald Wiśniewski and Dominika Hofman.