The MPS Apiary celebrates its first anniversary. Exactly one year ago, the first apiary in Koszalin was opened on the premises of a private industrial plant. After a year, we can say that the bees are doing very well here!

The MPS apiary is run in cooperation with the company ‘Hawran. An apiary with passion’. In 2019, 10 hives were located. Today there are as many as … 60!
‘The city is a very good place to live for bees because it is full of various plants that bloom and bear fruit from spring to autumn. Where only one species of plant is cultivated in a large area, the bees have nothing to eat because they feed on nectar that plants produce only during flowering’, explains Piotr Hawran from ‘Apiary with passion’.

‘We are glad that the bees are living well with us’, says Tomasz Tołwiński, vice president of MPS International. ‘When running a socially responsible business, we attach great importance to environmental protection’.
On the occasion of the first anniversary of the MPS Apiary, we invited seniors from the ‘Przylesie’ club. Piotr Hawran discussed the different types of honey. Seniors could also visit the apiary and look at places that are not available on a daily basis.
‘Our activities as part of corporate social responsibility have been noticed by the ‘Business Innovation Networking’ Foundation at the University of Szczecin. On Wednesday, October 7, we received an award in the ‘Equal Company’ plebiscite for the most socially responsible company from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship’, adds Tomasz Tołwiński. ‘The MPS Apiary is one of the elements of our CSR strategy. And today we know that other companies are starting to think about following our footsteps. This also makes us very happy’.