On Wednesday, August 26, at MPS International, another contract was signed with the Gwardia Koszalin Handball Sports Club. For the second season MPS will be the VIP Sponsor of the first league team and the Patron of youth training.

MPS International is the VIP Sponsor of Gwardia Koszalin from the beginning of the 2019/2020 season.

‘We understand that the present time is extremely difficult for everyone – also for the current sponsors of Gwardia Koszalin and not everyone can afford to support other entities’ – says Wanda Stypułkowska. ‘Luckily, our business is doing well. Contrary to appearances, not so much thanks to the pandemic, but thanks to the assumed development plan and gaining new customers for our services. Therefore, we have decided to increase the amount of the new sponsorship agreement’.

MPS International hopes that thanks to the increased financing it will be possible to find players who will contribute to the success of Gwardia Koszalin in the new season.

Benefits for both

‘I am glad that we will cooperate with MPS for another year’ – says Tomasz Nowe, president of Gwardia Koszalin Hanball Sports Club. ‘It is important that the companies in Koszalin show such social responsibility and support the development of local sport. And our club is not only a first-league team. We also educate young players who often join our main team’.

‘We are satisfied with the effects of placing our banners above the entrance to the hall and on the wall above one of the goals. Our logo can also be found in the center of the players’ shirts’ – adds Wanda Stypułkowska. ‘As MPS is constantly developing, we are still recruiting for various positions. We have noticed a response to this form of promotion of our employer brand, so we intend to continue it, and even expand it’.

The agreement between MPS International and KSPR Gwardia Koszalin was signed for a year and is valid until July 31, 2021.