MPS International constantly cooperates with the Koszalin hospice. One of the effects of this cooperation was ‘Field of hope’. It is a nationwide initiative to support the activities of hospices.

The ‘Fields of Hope’ campaign always takes place in spring. Then the volunteers enter the streets of Polish cities to collect donations for the hospices. As a thank-you note, each donor receives a daffodil that has been bred in the ‘field of hope’. However, preparations for the campaign begin in early autumn, when volunteers plant daffodil bulbs. As part of corporate social responsibility activities, MPS International joined this noble campaign, creating its own ‘field of hope’.

‘Last year, our employees together with volunteers from the Hospice of st. Maksymilian Maria Kolbe in Koszalin planted 200 daffodil bulbs. At that time, we didn’t know yet that the spring fundraising campaign would only have to take place virtually’ – says Tomasz Tołwiński, vice president of MPS International. ‘However, we also dealt with it. On the initiative of our employees, we organized a fundraiser inside the MPS, and in return each donor received a small bouquet of daffodils. Thanks to this, several hundred zlotys were transferred to the hospice’s account’.
On the occasion of last year’s campaign, the president of MPS International, Wanda Stypułkowska, declared her will to expand the ‘field of hope’ at the company’s headquarters. MPS financed the purchase of another 200 bulbs. Due to the safety of teenage volunteers, this time only MPS employees took part in planting – as part of employee volunteering.
‘Every help is important to us and we are glad that there are companies that cooperate with us. Thank you for your commitment to the benefit of the terminally ill’ – says Teresa Kryszofiak, volunteer coordinator at the hospice in Koszalin.
It is not known whether in the spring of 2021 it will be possible to conduct the fundraising under the ‘Fields of Hope’ action. It all depends on how the epidemic situation in Poland will develop.

‘If volunteers of the hospice do not use the daffodils that will bloom in our ‘field of hope’ – we will certainly do it and we will organize a fundraising campaign among our employees again’ – declares Tomasz Tołwiński.

As part of its CSR activities, MPS International also constantly supports two other organizations – the local Foundation ‘On time with love’, which helps single mothers by running sheltered housing, and the nationwide ‘More Beautiful Life’ Foundation, which supports women struggling with cancer.