Professional Cleaning Products

We manufacture products for professional maintainance of various surfaces in offices, catering, hotels, industrial buildings, service facilities, etc.

Our standard offer includes two ranges: FP i PRO-line. First of them is more universal whereas second of them includes a full selection of specialised products.

All products are concentrates that can deal with various degrees of soiling depending on dilution rate. This way, user can be fully satisfied with the expected quality of cleaning in the most effective way. All our products meet formal and legal requirements in terms of used ingredients and registration obligations.

Liquid and foaming soap

We also offer a wide range of liquid and foaming soaps. Those products have washing and nourishing properties’ but there are also specialised products suitable for washing body and hair, antibacterial, soaps that remove odour and are hypoallergenic. Soaps for washing body and hair work well in hospitals, nursing and care facilities as well as in mines. In addition, we offer hand sanitizers. A wide range of soaps will meet various requirements including utility and financial values.

Private label

We provide services including manufacturing processes on Client request (private label). Those products can be delivered in different packages than available in our standard offer. One example is soap production in 20-litre packages or in soap cartridge refill. Our team of experts will support even the most demanding Client during new product manufacturing process.