Box no. 12/2017

Issue - December 2017. Next anniversary issue of "Box" was distributed just before Christmas break. Subjects of this issue were the employees of Department of Finance and Administration. It turned out that [...]

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Box no. 11/2017

Issue - June 2017. The newest, anniversary issue of "Box" has just been delivered to MPS employees. Subjects of June's bulletin are Quality Control Department employees. High quality standards that we need to [...]

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Box nr 10/2016

Edition - December 2016. Christmas are close by and with them our new "Box". December is traditionally time of personal and professional rundowns. In this very reflective time, we look at changes, which have been [...]

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Box nr 9/2016

Edition - June 2016. New issue of „Box” encouraged us to draw many conclusions. The 25th anniversary of the company is approaching and such occasions offer the opportunity to reflect on the [...]

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Box nr 8/2015

Edition - December 2015. Time flies – not long ago we were distributing June issue of „Box” newsletter to our Employees so they could take it with them on holidays and now it [...]

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Box nr 7/2015

Edition - June 2015. In the December issue of „Box” we promised to increase the frequency of publishing our newsletter. For the first time in the history of „Box” our newsletter is [...]

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Box nr 6/2014

Edition - December 2014. In the newest Box – summary of 2014! Moments and events which touched, thrilled and made us proud. We are convinced that photos from integration events and training [...]

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