Open Day for EU-Funded Projects 2017.

We had the pleasure to invite students from junior high and high schools to participate in Water Renewal event as the part of Open Day for EU-Funded Projects. The event took place on 19th May 2017 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the office of MPS International Limited. MPS International Limited as a leading producer of beauty products, packages and cleaning products has been developing pro-ecological initiatives, starting from producing bottles using recycled materials and introducing our own sewage pre-treatment plant.
The main subject of our event was sewage pre-treatment plant that was built in 2012 as a result of Regional Operational Programme funding.
As a part of our programme we also presented business activities of MPS within Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and showed how sewage pre-treatment plant worked. It was combined with model display.
There was also prize competition.