On Friday, June 5, another virtual vernissage at the MPS Gallery took place on Facebook. This time you can see the breathtaking photos of traveler Robert Nawrocki. The photographs show unusual views created by nature, landscapes straight from other planets – captured by the camera lens in various parts of the world.

The opening of the exhibition and the slideshow took place live online. After the presentation of photos – just like at traditional vernissages – you could ask the traveler questions. He also talked about his travels and how he connected his professional life with his passion. Robert Nawrocki’s photos also decorate the walls of the MPS Gallery, where they will stay for the next three months.

Robert Nawrocki is a traveler by passion and by profession. He has been traveling professionally for over 30 years. He was on all continents, but he can’t count how many countries he has reached. Although with his own eyes he saw unusual rituals, shocking religious practices, monumental architecture and priceless monuments, it is nature and its creations that are most interesting to him. Robert Nawrocki travels both alone and leading organized groups. He never leaves the camera, because – he says – you can capture an interesting situation or a stunning phenomenon at any time.