Scan Pack Fairs – We were there!

From 20th to 23rd of October 2015 International Trade Fair on Packaging were held in Gothenburg. We presented there a wide range of bottles from MPS line. Bottles manufactured under the Bamse and ACO brands attracted a lot of attention of the visitors. They are two widely recognized brands in Sweden (Scandinavia) and that makes us very proud. Among people visiting our stand were representatives of cosmetics and household detergents manufacturing companies, suppliers of raw materials (traditional and biodegradable), suppliers of components, mainly form Scandinavia and Baltic states but also from the world, eg. from Egypt. We were able to meet in person representatives of companies we have been cooperating with for a long time, such as: CCS, Aktiv Kemi, Inzo, Aco but also Eris or Akson and Nissei. We also had an opportunity to visit Apotek which is one of the biggest chain of pharmacies in Sweden. We were very impressed by the fact that so many products manufactured in MPS are visible on the shelves, including whole Hjartat collection (specialised collection, skin care for children, hair care products, men skin care products, intimate hygiene products) but there were also ACO products for which we manufacture bottles and APO-Dermica.