Edition – December 2018.

The editorial team gives you hereby a new Christmas edition of the “Pudełko” Bulletin and at the same time we wish you a peaceful, snowy and family Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

This time the Bulletin is about our Colleagues from the HR and Internal Communication Department. Thanks to that we could also meet their professional and private life. Readers will surely find pictures taken by Izabela Rogowska as a beautiful accent when reading the articles. Professional portrait pictures of newly-employed people who were also photographed by Mrs. Izabela are something new. In the Bulletin there are also the latest legal changes concerning GDPR, PIT settlements and employee capital plans that are going to be implemented by the government in 2019.

It is worth mentioning that from the following year the “Pudełko” Bulletin will be published only once before Christmas.

The decision on limiting the frequency of publication was based on a rapidly changing labour market which demands flexibility and immediate flow of information in social media. Therefore all news, messages and information for employees will be put on our Facebook. We encourage you to visit and observe our FB profile.