Project Description

Antiseptus – alcohol-based hygienic hand disinfection. Suitable for using directly on skin. Ten times more effective than plain soap. Can be used by children and adults. Does not require rinsing. Guaranteed protection in the house, hospital, spa retreats, offices, work environment, army, food industry, factories, schools, petrol stations, border points and sports facilities. It can also be used to disinfect and sanitize feet.

Kills germs in 5 minutes at 20 degrees Celcius including:

Escherichia coli PCM 1144 = ATCC 10536
– Enterococcus hirae PCM 2559 = ATCC 10541
– Staphylococcus aureus PCM 2602 = ATCC 6538
– Pseudomonas aeruginosa PCM 2563 = ATCC 15442

Efficient disinfection of Escherichia Coli K12 by rubbing the product in for 30 seconds.

pH. – 6.4 – 6.8

DOSAGE: Apply a thumbnail size amount (about 3 ml.) on palms and rub hands together for about 30 seconds to allow full coverage. Allow to dry. Do not rinse.

Scent: distinctive, alcohol

Package: 500 ml. pump bottle