People of good will are with us!

December is the special time. It is the time for reflection but also to spend some time with our relatives and give each other presents. This is December when there are many appeals and fundraising for charities – including Szlachetna Paczka. Every year before Christmas, we organize fundraising for charity – the aim is dependent on the current needs. This year the aid is provided to Rober Zieliński who has been employed in MPS since 1992 as an electrician and currently is in very difficult life situation. Over the last years his heath condition has deteriorated and his limb amputation as well as his constant fight for health made further work impossible. In June he lost his right to a sickness benefit which was his main source of income. He applied to ZUS for a rehabilitation benefit but his application has been rejected. At this moment, Mr. Robert is waiting for granting him a disability pension for incapacity for work. Due to long-term proceedings, we have collected some material and financial sources to help him survive this difficult time.
Another person who needs support urgently is also our employee of many years – Mr. Stanisław Żywdowicz who worked in the period 2008-2015 as a wrapper in the Cosmetics Department . Mr. Stanisław lost everything in fire of his flat located in Laski Koszalińskie, Biesiekierz gmina. The fire destroyed the whole building and currently nobody can live there. The house was not covered with any insurance policy and nine persons, including Mr. Stanisław and his family, were affected by this tragedy. Just before Christmas, Mr. Stanisław lost his home and had to stay at his family’s palce. Currently he is waiting for support to be provided by the Municipal Social Welfare Centre. Taking into account the size of Mr. Stanisław’s tragedy, all his colleagues form the Cosmetics Department collected money , whereas the Management Board of MPS gave cosmetics for him and his family. At this moment there are some independent actions organized for the fire victims. Caritas has engaged in the action and opened a special bank account to donate: 60 1020 2791 0000 7002 0234 4976 with an annotation: “Pogorzelcy”. If you would like to donate clothing or household appliances, please contact with the Municipal Social Welfare Centre in Biesiekierz. People have also organized fundraising on websites such as
We hope that to some extent our small support will help find some way out from these extreme difficult situations. We wish them a lot of strength and fortitude! Let’s their life be better.