We supported Mrs. Izabela Wesołowska in organizing a Santa Claus Day on the football field in Osiedle Wenedów. Our cosmetics were included in the lottery as prizes for parents of the youngest ones who took part in the event. Santa Claus visited children and their parents on 8th December 2018 at 11 a.m. There were numerous competitions, packets with sweets, candy-floss, popcorn and other attractions, including display of Municipality Police, Police and Fire brigade vehicles. The attendance level was as high as always – it was already sixth time a Santa Claus Day was organized in Osiedle Wenedów. The number of people participating in the event was approx. 350 persons.
In this year we also supported the “ZaSTOPuj” Foundation as well as the “Bądźmy razem” Association, by giving them 288 five-liter canisters filled with shampoo and gel for pupils being under care of these centres.
Thanks to that, guardians working in the ZaSTOPuj Foundation Hostel and the Special Educational and Pedagogical Centre in Koszalin will not have to worry about cosmetics supply for their pupils.
Another initiative which we supported is the goods collection for the animal shelter in Koszalin. In November the city organized the event which involved another institutions, companies and private persons. Thanks to our employees showing their good hearts, we managed to collect two enormous boxes filled with wet and dry food, leashes, blankets and other accessories for dogs and cats. These gift will surely help animals, especially kittens and puppies, to survive the upcoming winter. We would like to thank a lot to anyone who got involved in the event!