On Monday (August 5th) at MPS office company’s and club’s management have signed an agreement. We will support first-league players from Koszalin financally, by offering them a job and cheering during the matches.

MPS International in its almost 30-year history for the first time decided to sign a long-term contract with a local sports club.

‘We chose handball because it is a family sport, associated with positive emotions and we hope that a large group of our employees will support the team’, said Wanda Stypułkowska, president of MPS International. ‘Besides, we see great potential in the team. The management of Gwardia Koszalin presented us an ambitious but realistic development plan’.

‘At the end of the last season, we were in the middle of the scoreboard, this year we certainly want to be even higher’, said Tomasz Nowe, president of KSPR Gwardia Koszalin. ‘Our ambition is to hit the Superleague’.

‘It is natural, therefore, that the MPS decided to sponsor a local first-league sports team, which – like us – has ambitions related to development and subsequent successes’, explained Tomasz Tołwiński, vice-president of MPS International.

Mutual benefits

Under the sponsorship agreement signed by MPS International and KSPR Gwardia Koszalin, MPS will use the following titles: ‘VIP Sponsor of KSPR Gwardia Koszalin’ and ‘Patron of youth training of KSPR Gwardia Koszalin’.

MPS will support the first-league team of handball players not only financially, but also offered the opportunity to hire players who will come to Koszalin from various Polish cities to support the team with their talent and skills. Unfortunately, handball – even at such a high level – is not so popular and co-financed field of sport, so that players can treat the game as their profession. Thanks to the work undertaken at MPS, they will not have to worry about their own and their families’ existence.

VIP Sponsor is also committed to supporting sports and educational activities carried out by the club in educational institutions in Koszalin. Children and their parents will receive rich sets of cosmetics – ideal for use after handball training.

The VIP Sponsor representative will also take up one position on the board of KSPR Gwardia Koszalin. Marcin Napierała, PR & Promotion Specialist, became a member of this club management body on behalf of MPS International.

MPS as a VIP Sponsor also counts on benefits – the main one will be to strengthen the MPS brand in the minds of the inhabitants of Central Pomerania as a reliable, honest and socially responsible employer.

‘We want to show up not only as a company that has existed in Koszalin for nearly 30 years, but also as an enterprise involved in the life of the local community, supporting the passions and hobbies of its employees’, said Tomasz Tołwiński. ‘And among the 350 people employed in MPS there are many handball fans, that’s why in the Gwardia hall we will have our own sector in which we intend to be very visible. Also our brand will be visible during matches – the VIP Sponsor’s logo will be in the central place of the match shirts worn by the players, as well as a large banner inside the hall and on the billboard above the entrance to the facility.

The contract between MPS International and KSPR Gwardia Koszalin has been signed for one year and is valid until July 31, 2020.