This event shook not only Koszalin but all of Poland. On the night of June 4-5, a fire broke out in the block at Starzyńskiego Street, which completely destroyed one apartment, but practically all the inhabitants of one of the staircases lost their belongings. One person has died. MPS International begins to help in removing the effects of a fire.


Before the residents return to their apartments, they will have to clean and renovate the premises for a long time. Although the fire broke out on the third floor, soot completely covered the walls and furniture of the apartments up to the tenth floor. The premises below the fire are flooded. Some people stayed with family and friends; the others – 13 families – stay in the Inter-school Dormitory.

‘We were moved by the tragedy that took place at Starzynskiego Street. As a company that has been operating in Koszalin for almost 30 years, we feel obliged to help the victims’ says Wanda Stypułkowska, president of MPS International. ‘We declare to provide residents with cosmetics and cleaning products that will help to cope with the effects of fire’.

This declaration was made on the Facebook profile of MPS during the weekend, when the inhabitants of Koszalin spontaneously began to organize help – in material or in cash.

‘We provide victims liquid concentrates for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces from our range of professional cleaning products. In addition, we provide highly concentrated dishwashing liquid and a large transport of shower gels’ says Tomasz Tołwiński, vice president of MPS International.

One of the Koszalin transport companies joined the aid campaign and transported pallets with professional chemistry and cosmetics from the MPS warehouse to the Inter-School Dormitory free of charge. In total, around 430 liters of products went to those victims of the fire.