At MPS, on Monday, October 7, was opened the first apiary in Koszalin, located in a private industrial plant.

‘At MPS International, we want to contribute to sustainable development, which is why, when conducting business, we attach great importance to environmental protection’ says Wanda Stypułkowska, President of MPS International.

‘We have implemented a waste segregation system, we have built our own wastewater treatment plant, we use palm oil from certified crops that do not endanger animals and people, we use closed circulation in the production of packaging, we implemented technology that reduces carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere’, says Marcin Napierała, PR & Promotion Specialist.

First in Koszalin

Now the time has come to support bees who are living harder, if only because of the fact that aggressive biocides are used in agriculture. Without these insects, humanity could not count on most food products. Their participation in pollination of plants is simply necessary.

‘While in Warsaw, in Służewiec, I saw many hives by the office buildings and on their roofs. I was wondering why someone is holding hives in the city, and when I came back to Koszalin, I learned that our employees have already started a similar initiative!’, Wanda Stypułkowska laughs.

The city is a very good place to live for bees, because it is full of various plants that bloom and bear fruit from spring to autumn.

‘Bees are also safer in the city, although the approach to them by farmers is starting to change’, adds Paweł Hawran, owner of the ‘Apiary with passion Hawran’. ‘More and more often farmers plan to spray in the evening and at night so that the means used do not harm insects. After all, farmers also need bees to pollinate their crops!’