The ninth exhibition in the MPS Gallery was also devoted to one artist and this time we presented interesting painting and drawing of a graphic artist coming from Koszalin – Mrs. Małgorzata Chmielowska. The theme of the exhibition was mostly related with a human-being and his emotions. Both small drawings and lrge format paintings were presented. Expressive and figurative arts was combined with abstraction and thus the artist made art consumers open to interpretation. We could see not only colourful acts full of textures but also figures joined in an embrance with faces full of emotions. The vernissage was celebrated on 12 October 2018 and gathered a lot of guests. We could admire paintings rich in colours. The MPS Gallery was visited by colourful textural emotional splash just created by Mrs. Małgorzata who has been not only an active artists but also a teacher. She shares her sensitivity and knowledge in arts with the youngest viewers – pupils of the 7th Primary School in Koszalin. The artist’s works are expressive and slightly surrealistic which is probably caused by the fascination with a Koszalin painter and sculptor Melchior Zapolnik as he also focused on inter-personal relationships and fairy tale-like scenes in his works. She is an author of his biography. Małgorzata Chmielowska was born in Koszalin. She completed the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Koszalin as well as the University of Arts Poznan. In 1985 she graduated with honours in drawing and painting in Andrzej Leśniak’s studio, whereas she has been educating children and youth since 1985. Over this time she has taken part in many exhibitions and her works may be found in private collections both in Poland and Germany, England, Sweden and even Canary Island.