Preparations for the spring action ‘Fields of Hope’ are underway throughout Poland. This is an annual campaign aimed at obtaining funds for the hospitalization and palliative care of seriously ill people and their families, spreading the idea of ​​hospice and sensitizing children, young people and adults to the needs of suffering people.

Preparation for the campaign begins in early autumn, when the volunteers plant daffodil bulbs and create the so-called ‘Fields of Hope’. This year, MPS International joins this noble action, creating its own ‘Field of Hope’ for the Hospice of St. Maximilian Kolbe in Koszalin.
Employees of MPS International as well as several hospice volunteers took part in the planting of daffodils. They are students from Koszalin schools who, after class, get involved in helping patients suffering from incurable diseases.
Daffodils are flowers that are a symbol of hope – they remind of people suffering, terminally ill people who need our help and care in the last difficult period of their lives. In the spring, when the daffodils bloom, the volunteers will come out to the streets of Koszalin and hand out these flowers, quitting for the terminally ill patients who are in the Hospice of St. Maksymilian Kolbe.