The eight exhibition in the MPS Gallery was both a group and interdisciplinary one – thus completely different form the rest. We could see cross-section of works from various art disciplines as well as authors. The “ERA ART presents …” exhibition is an exhibition which gathered works of ten artists who are the members of ERA ART Association for Promotion of Coastal Artists in Gdynia as well as its Branch in Koszalin. Artists who come from different corners of Poland presented their creativeness and workshop. The exhibition consisted of oil painting on canvas, collages, textural painting, digital graphics and batiks, pastels, water-colours and posters. The “Magnificent Ten” presented art coming from the following cities: Białystok – Krzysztof Koniczek; Gdynia – Daria Sołtan-Krzyżyńska, Martyna Jagieluk, Wanda Frątkowska; Koszalin – Krzysztof Rapsa, Katarzyna Gerlaczyńska, Piotr Zemła; Sopot – Krystyna Gronowska-Wantuch as well as Anna Greszczyńska-Nowińska; Warsaw – Jacek Maślankiewicz.

During the vernissage, we could hear exceptional vocal of Piotr Zemła and find out more about the artists or actions and initiatives undertaken by the ERA ART Association. the Director of the Koszalin Branch – Mrs. Ewa Zemła, brought the Association’s activity closer.

The ERA ART Association for Promotion of Coastal Artists has been operating since 1996 and since 2005 it has been working as a non-profit association. It provides animation of culture in Poland and abroad. It organizes exhibitions, charity auctions, meetings with famous people and concerts in the seat of the Association – the “PROFILE” Gallery and the “TYGIEL” artistic place. Since 2001 it has been the originator and organizer of the Painting and Unique Textile Biennale. Since 2008 the ERA ART has been organizing the International Digital Graphics Biennale in the Gdynia City Museum. Moreover, it organizes cyclically the International Nautical Exhibition “Sea Colours” on the “Dar Pomorza” – a frigate berthed in Gdynia.