CSR Strategy

Long before CSR term became popular in Poland, we had been implementing its assumptions in practice. CSR history in MPS International began when the company started its business at the beginning of 90-ties. Formalisation of the CSR initiative happened in 2013.

MPS International landmark for implementing Corporate Social Responsibility policy is CSR Startegy for the period from 2014 to 2018 including CSR Programme (download here), CSR Procedure (download here) and Code of Ethics (download here).

CSR strategy is based on three pillars of sustainable business:

  • Environment – Taking care of the future for the next generations through sustainable business which minimises negative impact on natural environment.

  • Company – Improving employees’ competences including their ambitions and potential with full respect to human rights and care about safety at work.

  • Society – Creating ethical behaviours among our social and business partners.

CSR actions carried out in MPS

  • Sustaining and constant improvement of Integrated Safety System including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22716, ISO 13485, EcoCert, RSPO, COSMOS, IFS HPC, we are audited in relation to the SMETA standard
  • Developing principles and enhancing internal and external communication with company’s stakeholders.
  • Implementation of training programmes to improve key competences of employees ( eg. Manager Academy or MPS Café)
  • Implementation of Health and Safety Management Schemes (download here) and improvement of actions regarding Health and Safety Management Schemes of the employees, clients and internal companies present at company’s property.
  • Constant knowledge expanding and education of employees with regard to Health and Safety Management
  • Implementation of new standards and actions with regard to natural environment protection (e.g. building waste pre-treatment plant, implementing RSPO standard, taking FSC requirements limiting illegal logging into account, packaging manufacture based on HDPE GREEN)
  • Implementation of activities limiting usage of materials in the process of packaging manufacturing.
  • Education and constant improvement of waste segregating system in MPS.
  • Involvement in international eductaional and ecological projects (eg. Let’s talk about garbage)
  • Development of Charity Policy (download here)
  • Opening of MPS Galery disseminating art in the space of the company
  • Regular involvement in „Szlachetna Paczka” (Christmas charity)

Further support for the “Zdążyć z Miłością” Foundation

In 2018 we also decided to continue our cooperation with the “Zdążyć z Miłością” Foundation. This time we supported the Foundation financially as a Silver Partner through co-financing the charity concert of Golec uOrkiestra. On 10 November 2018 the “Zdążyć z Miłością” Foundation invited its sympathizers, friends and people living in Koszalin to take part in a charity concert. [...]

MPS as an annual sponsor of the “Piekniejsze życie” Foundation

One more time we signed this year a sponsorship agreement with the “Piękniejsze Życie” Foundation. It has already become an admirable tradition that MPS support the Foundation as a Platinum Sponsor. This year, as usual we have also put our sources into the charity activity carried out by the “Piekniejsze Życie” Foundation. There are more and more make-up workshops [...]

Pudełko nr 14/2018 r.

Edition – December 2018. The editorial team gives you hereby a new Christmas edition of the “Pudełko” Bulletin and at the same time we wish you a peaceful, snowy and family Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019! This time the Bulletin is about our Colleagues from the HR and Internal Communication Department. Thanks to that we could also [...]

People of good will are with us!

People of good will are with us! December is the special time. It is the time for reflection but also to spend some time with our relatives and give each other presents. This is December when there are many appeals and fundraising for charities – including Szlachetna Paczka. Every year before Christmas, we organize fundraising for charity – the [...]

MPS supports beneficiaries in-kindly

We supported Mrs. Izabela Wesołowska in organizing a Santa Claus Day on the football field in Osiedle Wenedów. Our cosmetics were included in the lottery as prizes for parents of the youngest ones who took part in the event. Santa Claus visited children and their parents on 8th December 2018 at 11 a.m. There were numerous competitions, packets with [...]

Małgorzata Chmielowska’s Painting and Drawing Exhibition

The ninth exhibition in the MPS Gallery was also devoted to one artist and this time we presented interesting painting and drawing of a graphic artist coming from Koszalin – Mrs. Małgorzata Chmielowska. The theme of the exhibition was mostly related with a human-being and his emotions. Both small drawings and lrge format paintings were presented. Expressive and figurative [...]

Mundial MPS 2018

Teambuilding event Another company party behind us. This year the “Mundial MPS” event was related with sports rivalry and took place in the Park Palace in Parnów. Sports competitions were the main point of the programme. Employees were divided into two groups and upon short warming up played with each other in sports competitions as representatives of different countries [...]

“Pudełko” Bulletin No. 13/2018

“Pudełko” Bulletin No. 13/2018 We are pleased to present you the latest edition of the “Pudełko” Bulletin. However, before you start reading the articles, we would like to introduce the process of its creation. The editorial section staff starts its work at least three months back. First, we determine central figures of a particular edition and the thematic scope. [...]

Golden Denar 2017 is ours!

This year’s edition of the “Koszaliński Denar Nagroda Gospodarcza Roku” [Koszalin Denar Economy Award of the Year] adjudicated! In the Koszalin Philharmonic there was a ceremonial gala event summing the 17th edition of the Koszaliński Denar Nagroda Gospodarcza Roku” [Koszalin Denar Business Award of the Year] held and we found out the best companies in the region of 2017. [...]