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CSR Strategy

Long before CSR term became popular in Poland, we had been implementing its assumptions in practice. CSR history in MPS International began when the company started its business at the beginning of 90-ties. Formalisation of the CSR initiative happened in 2013.

MPS International landmark for implementing Corporate Social Responsibility policy is CSR Startegy for the period from 2014 to 2018 including CSR Programme (download here), CSR Procedure (download here) and Code of Ethics (download here).

CSR strategy is based on three pillars of sustainable business:

  • Environment – Taking care of the future for the next generations through sustainable business which minimises negative impact on natural environment.

  • Company – Improving employees’ competences including their ambitions and potential with full respect to human rights and care about safety at work.

  • Society – Creating ethical behaviours among our social and business partners.

CSR actions carried out in MPS

  • Sustaining and constant improvement of Integrated Safety System including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22716, ISO 13485, EcoCert, RSPO
  • Developing principles and enhancing internal and external communication with company’s stakeholders.
  • Implementation of training programmes to improve key competences of employees ( eg. Manager Academy or MPS Café)
  • Implementation of Health and Safety Management Schemes (download here) and improvement of actions regarding Health and Safety Management Schemes of the employees, clients and internal companies present at company’s property.
  • Constant knowledge expanding and education of employees with regard to Health and Safety Management
  • Implementation of new standards and actions with regard to natural environment protection (e.g. building waste pre-treatment plant, implementing RSPO standard, taking FSC requirements limiting illegal logging into account, packaging manufacture based on HDPE GREEN)
  • Implementation of activities limiting usage of materials in the process of packaging manufacturing.
  • Education and constant improvement of waste segregating system in MPS.
  • Involvement in international eductaional and ecological projects (eg. Let’s talk about garbage)
  • Development of Charity Policy (download here)
  • Opening of MPS Galery disseminating art in the space of the company
  • Regular involvement in „Szlachetna Paczka” (Christmas charity)

PLMA Fairs 2017 in Amsterdam

PLMA 2017 in Amsterdam. This year's fairs were the biggest in the history of PLMA. 2500 exhibitors from over 70 countries demonstrated their offers. 13000 visitors came from 110 countries. The motto of this edition of the fair was "Helping Clients". Traditionally, private labels were presented during the fair. As in previous years, we unveiled new technologies, formulations and packages [...]

Cosmopack 2017 Fairs in Bologna

Cosmopack 2017 Fairs in Bolonia. From 16th to 19th March 2017 as always we participated in Cosmopack Fairs in Bologna. We presented our products in colours of the rainbow - we showed the range of our production, formulation, material possibilities and dedicate wide assortment of packagings, forms, shapes, colours, recepies to our customers.  The question: And what is the colour [...]

Winter event 2017

Winter event 2017 And that was how our Winter event for children looked like – it took place on 11.02.2017 at the “Kosmos” Club in Koszalin! Humours and fairy characters were good too! There were contests, dances, face paintings, bowling, billiards, blown castle and slides, cotton candy, soap bubbles, photo booth and of course Santa Claus with presents! [images [...]

Box nr 10/2016

Edition - December 2016. Christmas are close by and with them our new "Box". December is traditionally time of personal and professional rundowns. In this very reflective time, we look at changes, which have been coming in our company this year. We invite You to the reading!

MPS Gallery

MPS Gallery In September 2016 we opened MPS Gallery in our company. Newly-opened gallery which is functioning within Corporate Social Responsibility creates a dialogue area for business and art. Local and domestic artists, MPS employees and other stakeholders are invited to co-create this place. Thanks to this initiative we created a professional meeting place for people of culture and [...]

Minibrewery Kowal 2016

Minibrewery Kowal 2016 On 16th of September another integration event took place in Minibrowar Kowal. This time it was entitled „Gypsy Fleet”. Humour and colourful outfits were present at the party! Gypsy band played at the party and therefore we could entertain ourselves to traditional, gypsy live music. There were dances, contests, fortune telling, glitter tattoos and gipsy food. [...]

MPS – Masters of Autopresentation at Regatta Lewiatan 2016!

Regatta 2016 Our crew once again proved that we can have great time together! From 2nd September to 4th September 2016 we participated again in Lewiatan Confederation Sailing Regatta in Mikolajki. It was sports competition combined with good fun and humour. Our financial director – Franciszek Bratko was at the helm and was supported by brave MPS crew, including: [...]

25th anniversary of MPS

MPS as a dynamically developing company undergoes changes on many levels. Changes influence company's development, strengthening of our teams, image and relations with clients as well as improving manufacturing processes. At the moment we are implementing Implus EVO which is a new IT system. The system is going to improve organisation of work between the departments and implementation of projects [...]

MPS at PLMA 2016 Fairs in Amsterdam

Once again we did not miss on Private Label fairs! Two days of fairs which took place from 24th to 25th May 2016 in Amsterdam passed very quickly. We had numerous successful discussions which resulted in a few interesting projects. Surely we will return to the fairs next year with continuation of the leitmotiv idea for our stand. Come [...]

MPS at 15th Venice Architecture Biennale

Our packagings were recycled and used as building blocks by Polish architect Hugon Kowalski and critic Marcin Szczeliny at 15th International Venice Architecture Biennale. The opening exhibition took place on 25 - 27 May 2016 and the exhibition was open for visitors until 27th November 2016. Polish exposition received positive reviews from the critics and foreign journalists. MPS acted [...]