“Pudełko” Bulletin No. 13/2018
We are pleased to present you the latest edition of the “Pudełko” Bulletin. However, before you start reading the articles, we would like to introduce the process of its creation.
The editorial section staff starts its work at least three months back. First, we determine central figures of a particular edition and the thematic scope. Regular columns are created by the editorial section: Bogdan Bucholc, Natalia Błaszczyk, Katarzyna Gerlaczyńska, Ewa Kłyż, Wioleta Iwanej, Monika Orczyńska and Lena Wruszczak. Then we address our request to the section which is the main character of the edition for writing the articles related to their work. The texts send undergo multi-stage edition and are sent to a person responsible for text make-up* who creates the layout of every page. After the receipt of an initial proposal of the edition, the staff checks one more time the correctness of the texts and verifies the layout. A person responsible for text make-up makes corrections and send the final version for printing. Receipt of the printed “Pudełko” copies and delivery to the MPS readers is the crowning achievement of work of several months.
We wish you pleasant reading and we also invite everyone to the cooperation. J
*text make-up – in desktop publishing (DTP) creating from raw texts the text formatted with the graphics. In other words, arrangement of elements creating a painting of each publication site.