Beata Maria Orlikowska’s unique ceramics 

On 8 June 2018 we opened officially the seventh exhibition in the MPS Gallery. This time we presented Beata Maria Orlikowska’s unique ceramics – a graduate in the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław , who is well-known in home Koszalin as an author of projects and performance of many awards, including the Koszalińskie Orły [Koszalin Eagles] or Koszalińskie Denary [Koszalin Denars]. During the vernissage we could also see porcelain paintings related to Koszalin. The exhibition was titled “Na ceramicznym szlaku. Koszalin – miasto moje” [On the ceramics route. Koszalin – this is my city], whereas every work was directly or symbolically referred to Koszalin as a town of the author as well as the sea and a sentimental journey inside herself and own memories. Synonym for “a haven” was placed on many exhibited works. It was caused by the main exhibition motto: “This is my town and I’m its (..) boat and harbor”. Due to the exhibition theme its opening was postponed until the celebration of the Koszalin’s Days. The paintings were Untypically hanged at the beginning of May and the vernissage was organised at the beginning of June.
The opening was as unusual as the artist’s work. Her works are completely different form the ones we have presented in our Gallery so far. The porcelain paintings have been made with the use of oxide technique. Every work has to be burnt in a ceramic furnace to see the light of day. An unique form has been expressed in the delicate drawing and pastel shades. The participants had an opportunity to become convinced about the uniqueness of the vernissage – apart from our regular guests, employees and media, there were also art enthusiast at the age of between 5 and 10. Children visiting the vernissage with their parents could officially and personally collect awards in the first MPS art contest.