Demonstration of the manufacturing process from the order through design to final product.

Our goal is to provide our services comprehensively from design to finished good while meeting our Clients expepectations. Experienced team of experts constantly developing their skills is a guarantee of implementation of the latest developments concerning used materials, technologies and methods of organization. Various certificates but most of all the trust of many companies from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Benelux Countries and Poland confirm the above information.

We offer  ready-made products.

We offer a wide range of professional cleaning products and packagings suitable for cosmetics industry, chemical industry, food industry, automotive industry and many other industries.

Cosmetic manufacturing

We base cosmetic manufacturing on our own formulas, entrusted recipes or formulas specially developed for our Clients. We have long experience and wide range of knowledge concerning cosmetic industry.

All our products fulfill formal and legal requirements of the given market and other requirements formulated by a Client.


Packaging manufacture

We manufacture plastic bottles of various capacities and shapes suitable for industries, such as: cosmetic, medical, chemical, food, car and industrial sector. Our offer includes a wide range of standard bottles as well as manufacturing packaging designed by a Client.


Manufacturing of cleaning products

We offer highest quality cleaning products manufactured on a basis of our own or entrusted recipes. Our team of experts is able to create adequate recipes complying with the required qualies and functioning depending on the surface.



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